Posted by xPass on Apr 13th 2020

XPass Biometric Security Key Supports Microsoft Azure AD Passwordless Authentication


XPass introduces the first FIDO2 Biometric Fingerprint Solution for Microsoft Azure Active Directory to eliminate passwords.

XPass, a FEITIAN Technologies brand, introduces the first FIDO2 Biometric Fingerprint Solution for Microsoft Azure Active Directory to eliminate passwords. More information about our Passwordless keys can be found HERE.

Constructed during our ongoing FIDO protocol product development in collaboration with Microsoft, multiple FIDO2 fingerprint biometric passwordless security keys are now available for enterprise, government, healthcare, educational, and individual user applications.

The xPass BIO-A, BIO-C and xPass PRO FIDO2 Security keys allow users to carry their credentials with them and safely sign into Microsoft Azure Active Directory services without a username and password. Users can simply plug their Security Key into their computer and gain access when they verify their previously enrolled fingerprint.

About Our Biometric Security Keys

Our Biometric Security Keys are unique because they also allow for added security options such as Three Factor Authentication [3FA] with the key [possessed factor], Fingerprint Biometric [inherent factor] and PIN [known factor].

Our selection of xPass Biometric Security Key form factors provide multiple connection solutions:

USB-A Connection

xPass BIO-A has a USB-A Connection

USB-C Connection

xPass BIO-C has a USB-C Connection


xPass PRO features BLE, NFC or a USB-C Connection [cable]

About Microsoft Passwordless Authentication

Azure AD and the Microsoft Account play the part of a WebAuthn Relying Party. Microsoft Edge is a WebAuthn Client. Windows 10 is in the role of the platform hosting the Win32 Platform. Windows 10 supports the FIDO2 protocol at a platform level for both Windows Sign in and WebAuthN. The xPass PRO is the supported authention key with USB, BLE, NFC interfaces and with our biometric fingerprint sensor, we offer not only a more convenient, but more secure passwordless experience.

As a sponsor at the recent Identiverse 2019 event in Washington, DC, FEITIAN has made two significant and announcements at the event:

  1. XPass, a FEITIAN Technologies brand, announced that they have been selected to join MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association), an elite group of security software vendors partnering with Microsoft to defend against sophisticated digital threats.
  2. XPass, a FEITIAN Technologies brand, announced the release of another FIDO Alliance Certified Security Key, the xPass PRO that supports BLE, NFC or a USB-C Connection [via cable].

“The addition of the newest FEITIAN Security Key formfactor, AllinPass K33, is a valued addition to the existing FEITIAN FIDO U2F and FIDO2 Passwordless product line,” said FEITIAN Technologies Vice President and General Manager of International Business Tibi Zhang. “We are proud to be working in conjunction with Microsoft. We have worked closely with the FIDO Alliance by strictly adhering to their industry-established technology standards for strong, phishing-resistant authentication on the web that promises better security and a better user experience with our broader choice of Authenticators for everyone.”

“Microsoft has been on a mission to eliminate passwords and help people protect their data and accounts from threats,” said Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division. “We are pleased to see companies like FEITIAN support that goal by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Account (Outlook, Hotmail), and Windows 10.”

We continue to work with Microsoft to ensure our biometric keys work with the latest updates with Windows and Azure Active Directory. Our security keys offers many advantages over passwords, including lower IT management costs, better productivity, improved security and unprecedented privacy for both employees and employers at enterprise businesses, educational campuses, healthcare facilities, and government applications.

About xPass

XPass, a FEITIAN Technologies brand, is a world security technology leader providing biometric FIDO2 passwordless authentication keys, advanced all-in-one Smartcards and payment related systems.

Founded in 1998, FEITIAN Technologies has its US headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. The company is dedicated to building a full range of strong authentication, identification, and payment solutions using a variety of Security Key and Smart Card formfactors. FEITIAN is a member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), a Board Member of the FIDO Alliance, and is a Technology Partner for Google and Ping Identity. FEITIAN is a leading worldwide provider of Fingerprint Biometric Passwordless Authentication. Globally, the company has over 1,000 employees, more than half of whom are focused on research and development. FEITIAN serves clients in over 150 countries with leading enterprise, financial, telecom, government, education organizations. “FEITIAN - We Build Security!” For more information, please visit: FEITIAN Press Contact:


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