Partner with FEITIAN Technologies

The two factor authentication market has never seen a better time. As the world moves out of recession the need to authenticate end-users in all industries is vital to a secure future. Through the Feitian Partner program joint business opportunities are maximized to offer needed solutions and expand markets.

 The goal of the Feitian partner program is simple: create a transparent relationship with each partner and grow together. Opportunities for success are created to expand market share and increase revenue through the program. Our mission is to create a simple platform for commercial exchange allowing each partner to prosper through their own strategies allowing for the best business plans to strive with revenues and profits.

The Feitian Partner Program is organized in three levels. With each level the commitment and benefits for the partner increase creating a more transparent partnership and opportunities for growth and success.  

As a Channel Partner, you get: 

  • Premium price points with tiered discounts
  • Access to tools, best practices and other resources
  • Specialized training and access to technical experts
  • Direct access to customer support
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Opportunities for co-marketing




The main goal for Bronze Partners is to grow and expand together. Through setting goals and creating a roadmap to the future growth partners are able to expand and capture a larger market share. Technical and commercial support will be offered to help succeed and expand. Gold Partners have access to more and through their knowledge and channels are offered further benefits through the partnership. Through close cooperation both parties have the opportunity to exchange product concepts and technical communication to further product development and expansion. Platinum partnership offers the highest level of partnership offering the most benefits and mutual conditions to grow together into the future. Creating a mutual marketing plan and offering joint marketing event efforts is a key aspect of success.