XPASS Partner Program

Why Partner with xPass?

The goal of the xPass Partner Program is simple: create a transparent relationship with each partner and grow together. Opportunities for success are created to expand market share and increase revenue through the program. Partnering with xPass allows you to offer a wider range of authentication products and our support to expand your business. Our strategic alliances include channel partners, technology partners, integration partners and distributors.

Grow your business

Premium price points with tiered discounts. With each level of commitment, the benfits and opportunities for growth and success increase.

Leading Innovation

With our experienced R&D team, new cutting edge technology and innovation are available to our Partners

Trusted Partner

Industry leaders choose to rely on XPASS technology and experience to secure data and employees.

Sales, Marketing, Tech Support

Specialized training, lead generation, access to resources and technical experts to train your sales team and support your customers.


Improved Partner Effectiveness

Partners are able to reap the benefits and improve effectiveness by combining market leading products and experience to their portfolio.

Industry Leading Innovator

Partnering with xPass, a FEITIAN Technologies brand, means you are working with an industry leading manufacturer. With our experienced R&D team, new cutting edge technology and innovation are available to our Partners.

Leverage Through Success

Leveraging our established brand and history, it allows partners to market an established brand that's accepted in many sectors internationally. This allows our partners to offer high quality
recognized products for cost effective prices compared to competitors.

Seamless Integration and Deployment

Our authentication solutions are easy to integrate, install and deploy.

Training and Certification

Supporting clients and creating sales is more than just having a representative in the area. We strive to train and educate our partners be experts of our product line, industry and updates to allow partners to efficiently and effectively support clients.

Commercial Support

Sales trainings, lead generation and more is provided to help partners increase revenue.

Marketing Support

Take advantage of our experience with access to marketing documents, brochures, graphics, PR, events, lead generation, strategies and more.

Technical Support

Technical support required to make sales, satisfy customers, go beyond expectations and create repeat business is provided. Our highly trained staff is here to help partners secure long-term clients.

Partnership Levels


The main goal for Gold Partners is to grow and expand together. Through setting goals and creating a road map to the future growth, partners are able to expand and capture a larger market share.


Gold Partners have access to more and through their knowledge and channels are offered further benefits through the partnership. Through close cooperation both parties have the opportunity to exchange product concepts and technical communication to further product development and expansion.


Platinum partnership offers the highest level of partnership offering the most benefits and mutual conditions to grow together into the future. Creating a mutual marketing plan and offering joint marketing event efforts is a key aspect of success.

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